We Have a New Home -  Manifesting In Action

2017 has been a really exciting year for Insight Wellness - a lot of positive change and action happening. We are very pleased to announce that we have moved to a new location - 2 minutes from the centre of Waimate to the very cute and restful Manuka Cottage. 

For me the purchase of this property is a demonstration of the value of this work that we do. To own my own land has been a dream I have had for many many years. However in the last couple of years I have made huge shifts through this work, in the way I approach my life. I have done a huge amount of work on myself - using all of the techniques I now share with my clients (EFT, Emotion Code & Reiki)  - and moved into a space where I was able to manifest this dream for us. We have to believe in the power of thought. trust in the universe, and take action - we must move in the direction of our dreams...

18 months ago we took action - we moved into the district where we wanted to buy land - initially in the belief that we would buy a family property. As life evolved this did not happen. We let it go - but never gave up on the end result - to have our own land. Then a property came up towards the end of the year that we fell in love with - High St. This house captured us - it didn't have the land we wanted but it was an amazing historic home. High St prompted us to get moving, I crunched the numbers, found out what we needed to do and put my house on the market. I was so full of the possibilities and could see us living there - it was all so clear in my mind. 

But something wasn't right - we hit all these delays and roadblocks. Over a couple of months I started to become uneasy, every week that went buy I was less and less sure that we would live there - which at the time was rather heartbreaking. Little things niggled away at me. Over Xmas my husband and I talked about it a lot - and I said to him "I think all these delays are for a reason" "I don't think we are meant to buy it". And that was astounding to me - I was so in love with that house - how could I fall out of love. This persisted for another week or two and we made the call to let the seller know that we had decided not to buy it and we would start to look at other options. 

So I made the call to the seller on a Monday in January, around lunchtime. He took it very well and was understanding. Less than 6 hours later my real estate agent rang to say we had received an offer on my house - 6 hours. It was incredible. After nothing for a months - we had an offer. Then 2 days later we looked at a property that we only came across in a realtors window as we walked down the street one day - it wasn't advertised on the usual websites we had been looking on. I will never forget that day - the house was ok, the land was amazing - 7acres of fabulous land, and the most beautiful grounds, great sheds - yes it was old and needed work - but it was a great property. Exactly in our price bracket - with a lot more land than we thought we could afford. And then right at the end of the tour (we stayed for over an hour) I turned around to see my husband sitting on a bench - and I knew that he belonged here. The next day we made an offer. 10 very stressful weeks later it was ours. 

Welcome to Manuka Cottage - our home! 

Over time we plan to convert our large shed into a wellness centre, studio and art gallery - but for now we are working out of the cottage and are loving working with our clients in this warm and cosy eclectic space.  We are blessed to have our animals around us and also have the beginnings of an alpaca stud. It is a beautiful place to be. 

My lessons from this - get focused on your dreams, give it up to the universe and have faith that it will happen - and never stop working towards it. And have the goal in mind - but don't get so fixed on one outcome - be prepared for it to not look exactly like you imagined. We came here to buy one place, nearly bought another - and then ended up here - which is perfect. Each one of those places had its purpose in this journey - the family property was the catalyst for us to move to this district, High St got us taking action and here we are. 

If you have faith that the right thing will happen - well you just may end up with something so perfect, so much more than you first imagined - its almost hard to believe. And be grateful everyday for the blessings you have in your life now - and for the blessings that are about to come your way. 

                                                                                              - Jakki Guilford