Manuka Cottage Wellness Is Launched

March 2018 brings the beginning of a new era and more of us manifesting our dreams into reality (yes I do actually use all of these techniques and methods myself!).

Manuka Cottage Farm is our home, our haven and also our creative and spiritual centre. Since we purchased in March 2017 we have been working towards bringing our visions for the property to light and sharing them with the rest of the world. 


In January I finally completed a project to develop a dedicated healing space for my wellness clients - somewhere soft, peaceful and inspiring for us to work together. The final part of this project was to bring Insight Intuitive Wellness under the banner of Manuka Cottage Farm and rebrand to Manuka Cottage Wellness. 


At Manuka Cottage Farm we also run a pedigree Alpaca Stud - Manuka Cottage Alpacas - and breed and sell alpacas, and sell their fibre products. To compliment this we also have farm tours (by arrangement) so that people can get up close with these wonderful animals, learn about them and experience their wonderful fibre in person. And our visitors also enjoy our sheep, horses, dogs and free range hens as well - often leaving with some of our delicious free range eggs tucked under their arm. 


Over the coming months we will be launching a website for all Manuka Cottage Farm enterprises - including a new Gallery and Shop which will be opening in spring. My husband Colin Guilford is an incredibly talented artist and we have always wanted a dedicated space to show, and sell, his work - and now it is happening! We will also have work available from other talented local artists, photographers and craftspeople - as well as Alpaca fibre and crafts created here at Manuka Cottage Farm.


And of course Manuka Cottage Wellness has had a busy start to the year with the new space, and the exciting news is that we will have even more space for our clients once the gallery is completed. Exciting!

Already 2018 has been a tremendous year for us here at Manuka Cottage and I have been so inspired by the incredible work that is happening with my clients - they have all shown such tremendous growth in such a short time - its just awesome. The need for people to Step Into Their Power has been a consistent theme - and wow do things get moving when that happens (more to come on this in the next blog). It is so  rewarding to be able to do this work - one of the greatest blessings in my life is sharing your journeys and helping you achieve all that you desire - thank you.

2018 is a powerful year for all of us - I firmly believe that if my husband and I can achieve our dreams though this work - then so can you!